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Hook inspection and scrapping standards

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Hook inspection and scrapping standards

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After the hook has failed, it needs to be inspected. If the inspection can no longer be used, it needs to be scrapped. So what are the criteria for these two?

 The hook for the human-powered hoisting mechanism was tested with 1.5 times the rated load as the test load. The hook for the power-driven hoisting mechanism is tested with 2 times the rated load as the inspection load.

 After the hook is removed from the inspection load, there shall be no obvious defects and deformation, and the increase of the opening degree shall not exceed 0.25% of the original size.

 Hooks should be scrapped when one of the following conditions occurs:

 1 crack;

 2 The dangerous section wears up to 10% of the original size;

 3 opening degree is increased by 15% than the original size;

 4 hook body torsional deformation more than 10 °;

 5 Hazardous section of the hook or plastic deformation of the hook neck;

 6 hook thread is corroded;

 When the 7 hook bushings wear up to 50% of the original size, the bushing should be replaced;

 When the 8 hook mandrel is worn to 5% of the original size, the mandrel should be replaced.

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