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Connection method used by the hook group

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Connection method used by the hook group

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The connection of the hook set to the hoisting mechanism wire rope winding system depends on the number of branches carried by the hoisting wire rope. When the number of load-bearing branches of the hoisting rope is 1, the hook can be directly connected to the end of the wire rope. Sometimes, in order to ensure that the hook has sufficient weight, the wire rope under the idling is tensioned to prevent the wire rope from being loosened or on the pulley or The groove is unslotted and the empty hook is smoothly lowered, and an additional weight is often attached to the rope end. When the hook is hung on the wire rope with the number of branches 2 or more, the hook hanger is used as the intermediate connection device between the hook and the wire rope. The hook and the hook hanger are collectively referred to as a hook group.

The hook group can be divided into two types: a long hook short hanger and a short hook long hanger. The long hook short pylon is mounted on the shaft of the word with the hook and the pulley, and the hook is a special long hook. The short hook long pylon is arranged to separate the hook beam from the pulley shaft, and the hook is a common hook. Obviously, when the lifting weight is the same, the long hook short hanger has a smaller outer dimension than the short hook long hanger, thereby increasing the effective lifting height of the crane. This is the main advantage of the long hook short pylon. However, the pulleys in the long hook short pylons are arranged symmetrically, so the number of pulleys must be even. In addition, its lateral dimension is large, especially when it is necessary to install more pulleys when the lifting weight is larger, the lateral dimension is more bulky, so that the bending moment of the hook beam is too large and the self-weight is increased. Therefore, the long hook short hanger is generally only suitable for the bridge type crane with small lifting weight and even pulley ratio. Since the short hook long pylon does not have the above disadvantages, it is widely used.

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