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Design concept of vibration isolation hook

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Design concept of vibration isolation hook

Date of release:2018-12-04 Author: Click:

The vibration isolating hook is mainly used for vibration isolation of lifting equipment and pipes to prevent vibration from being transmitted to the floor. It is usually in the form of rubber and steel springs. Today, Xiaobian introduces everyone to its design philosophy.

Hook design

1. The vibration frequency generated in the mechanical operation will directly reflect on the vibration isolation system. The ratio of this frequency to the natural frequency of the vibration isolation system must be greater than the root number 2. The vibration isolation system can exert the vibration isolation effect, so the vibration isolation is performed. Before designing, it is necessary to know in detail the causes and vibration characteristics of the vibration generated during the operation of the mechanical equipment. When conditions permit, mechanical equipment with a high vibration rate should be selected as much as possible. In the vibration isolation design, the lowest vibration frequency generated when the mechanical equipment is running is usually used as the excitation frequency.

2. Excellent vibration isolation material is very helpful for our design. Therefore, according to its vibration isolation performance, the vibration isolation device should be selected according to the appropriate vibration isolation material to achieve the desired vibration isolation. Any material that can support the mechanical load of the mechanical equipment and has good elastic recovery performance can be used as the vibration isolating material. Commonly used vibration isolating materials mainly include steel and rubber. When selecting a vibration isolating material, first consider its dynamic characteristics and load carrying capacity. Generally, the vibration-proof material has low dynamic elastic film, low rigidity, good elasticity, high strength and large bearing capacity. Secondly, it requires physical and chemical properties of the material to be stable. It must be resistant to acid, alkali, oil or harmful gases and liquids. Corrosion, the vibration isolation performance will not be greatly affected by the change of working environment temperature and humidity. Also consider the natural vibration frequency of the vibration isolation system made of these materials.

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