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In addition to the hook group, what else can grab bulk?

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In addition to the hook group, what else can grab bulk?

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The first thing that comes to mind in the lifting industry is the hook group, which is grabbed with a grab. Some of the most common hooks and spreaders are the following.

 The most common accessories for lifting appliances are hooks and hooks.

 At present, the spreader is designed to meet the daily maintenance of large-scale machinery, and there are also some targeted spreaders, such as fan spreaders, tower spreaders, blade spreaders, wheel spreaders, and the like.

 A device for lifting heavy objects in a hoisting machine.

 The most commonly used spreaders for slinging items are the hooks, as well as rings, lifting cups, clamps and forks.

  Lifting suction cups, clamps and forks can be used as long-term special spreaders on cranes. They can also be used as hanging tools on hooks for temporary use. They are often used in multi-stock warehouses and yards to improve work efficiency.

  The spreader for grasping the bulk material is generally a grab bucket that can be opened and closed, and an electromagnetic chuck can also be used to absorb magnetic conductive materials such as metal chips.

  Hangers for lifting fluid materials are commonly used for holding barrels and hanging tanks. Generally, steel or chemical solutions are discharged by tilting or bottoming plugs, and fluid materials such as concrete are discharged by opening the bottom door of the hanging tank.

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