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Hooks grasp the key to various industries

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Hooks grasp the key to various industries

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In the lifting industry, the hook is already an "older generation", and its role is also very much, and the role played is very crucial.

Different types of hooks, the area of ??responsibility will be different, let us know about the hook to make a systematic understanding.

The hook is divided into a single hook and a double hook according to the shape; the forged hook and the laminated hook are divided according to the manufacturing method.

The single hook is simple to manufacture and easy to use, but the force is not good, and it is mostly used in working places with a lifting capacity of 80 tons or less;

When the lifting weight is large, the double hook with force symmetry is often used.

The laminated hook is riveted by several pieces of cut and formed steel plates. When the individual plates are cracked, the whole hook will not be damaged, and the safety is better, but the self weight is large, and it is mostly used for lifting weight or lifting steel water barrel. On the crane.

Hooks are often subjected to impact during operation and must be made of high-quality carbon steel with good toughness.

Hooks are very broadly classified and generally include:

Shackles, rings, rings, pear rings, long rings, combination rings, S hooks, nose hooks, American hook hooks, eye hooks, safety card eyebolts, chain shackles.

Hooks are mainly unique, novel, high quality and safe. They are suitable for factories, mines, petroleum, chemical and ship terminals.

Ensure safety, quality safety factor, static load up to 3 times. The lifting capacity ranges from 5 tons to 600 tons.

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