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Which hooks are in the hook group

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Which hooks are in the hook group

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In cranes, the use of hook sets is extremely common.

Not only because the hook group is an important lifting component in the hoisting machinery, but also because the hook of the hook group has an irreplaceable role. Let's take a closer look at the hooks in the hook set.

A single hook is a commonly used hook that is simple in construction and easy to use. The single hook has two forms: a threaded straight shank single hook and a single hook with a loop, the threaded portion is connected to the pylon, and the loop is used to directly connect with the wire rope.

The double hooks are symmetrical, and the hook material is fully utilized, but it is convenient to use without a single hook.

The structural dimensions of the hooks have been national standards. In general, it can be selected according to the relevant standards according to the size of the lifting weight and the type of work (manpower or maneuver).

In the hook group, if the hook breaks during use, it is extremely likely to cause an accident.

Therefore, it must be used strictly in accordance with regulations when using it, and should not be used excessively. For hooks that do not have a load mark, they cannot be used casually. Regular inspections are required for frequently used hooks to avoid unnecessary hazards during use.

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